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Foundations in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (Gold Coast, 10th July 2023)

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Attend this workshop to increase your understanding and application of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy!

  • Workshop Date: Monday 10th July 2o23
  • Times: Check-in 8.45am, Start 9:00am, and Concludes 4.30pm
  • Workshop Location: Essentia Health: Level 1, 115 Scarborough Street Southport QLD 4215
  • Facilitator: Dr. Peter King (Clinical Director, Australian DBT Institute)

The Foundations in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) workshop explores the essential components of DBT. DBT is an evidence-based approach, developed by Marsha Linehan PhD at the University of Washington, and is considered a type of psychotherapy (sometimes called “talking therapy”) originally developed to treat individuals with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). DBT is a cognitive behavioural therapy, meaning it is a therapy that focuses on the role of cognition (e.g., thoughts and beliefs) and behaviours (e.g., actions) in the development and treatment of BPD and extreme emotion dysregulation. DBT includes some changes to the traditional cognitive behavioural elements of therapy in order to help specifically reduce the symptoms of BPD and extreme emotion dysregulation.

During the Foundations in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) workshop, participants can expect to develop a level of knowledge where they will have an overall understanding of DBT, management of emotion dysregulation, and be able to observe the key principles of DBT. Participants will also be expected to gain an understanding of the standard content and processes of DBT.

  • Introducing Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) to clients.
  • Explaining the biosocial theory behind DBT.
  • Teaching the middle path skills of dialectics, behavioural change, and validation.
  • Structure treatment according to the level of severity and prioritise treatment targets.
  • Orientating to emotion dysregulation.
  • Enhance motivation and commitment to treatment goals.
  • Coach clients through obstacles that arise during treatment.
  • Explore the structure of both a DBT and DBT-informed approach.
  • Understanding of the role of commitment, skills group, individual therapy, phone coaching and consultation team.

Our facilitators have extensive experience in running DBT and DBT-informed programs and will facilitate this workshop in a lecture style with some interactive discussions to ensure knowledge of practice-based implementations of DBT.


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