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Stabilisation Based Therapy Certification

The Centre for Mental Health Education partners with Dr. Peter King and the International Practitioner Credentialing Committee (IPCC) to offer participants of our Intensive Training in Stabilisation Based Therapy: Management of Complex Trauma Presentations, a pathway to becoming certified in Stabilisation Based Therapy for safe trauma therapy approaches. The Centre for Mental Health Education does not add additional fees to the certification process with all fees mentioned below set to remunerate Peter and his team to provide a comprehensive and safe certification process.

The Certification process, at a minimum, is at least 12 months in duration.

Application Requirements:  


  • AUSTRALIA: Mental Health Practitioner or Psychotherapy qualification (MA, MN, DPsych, MPsych, MSW, or PhD) 
  • OTHER COUNTRIES: Minimum two-year psychology, body psychotherapy, counselling education (university or approved professional program) or equivalent. If in doubt, check with the Centre for Mental Health Education.


  • Minimum 2 years supervised direct practice covering at least 500 client hours. 


  • 12-Day Intensive STT training
  • 9-Day Intensive SBT training

Certification Requirements: 
 Certification Period: Minimum 12 months including: 

  • 160 hours or more of actual treatment hours with a trauma focus. 
  • At least 4 trauma clients during this period. 
  • Minimum 12 1-hour supervision sessions (in-person or phone). (Additional hours could be required.) 

Minimum 26 hours of personal trauma therapy (prior to and/or during certification track). Arranged and paid for on your own with therapist/s and model/s of your own choice. (Additional hours could be required.)

>> Four (4) Papers: 

  • Personal growth journey: What has helped or have you learned that has helped you to be a better trauma therapist? 
  • Theoretical overview of your own integration of at least 3 therapeutic models for working with trauma. 
  • Two (2) case studies demonstrating your ability to adapt trauma therapy to the clients’ needs with use of two or more therapy models for each client. 

All papers, additional required addendums, and any other written work must be submitted in Microsoft Word document (.doc) form using Arial 12 pt. type, double spaced. 

Supervision Component of Stabilisation Based Therapy Certification

Centre for Mental Health Education offers the opportunity for participants to engage the services of Dr. Peter King (GoToMeeting, Zoom or Telehealth Platform) or in-person in the Gold Coast and Melbourne, Vic. Supervision is provided at the following rates:
– Telehealth ($218 AUD – payment through CMHE)
– In-person ($240 AUD – payment through CMHE)

Developed by trauma specialist and mentor, Babette Rothschild, the following six structures are followed for each supervision session:

1) What you want to get from the consultation, what is the goal of taking the time? Specify, for example, if it is to answer a question, acquire tools, solve a dilemma, resolve countertransference, etc.

2) The reason the client came for therapy — what the client said, not what the therapist assumed or intuited. And, if known, what precipitated the client coming to therapy (this may be the same or different from the stated reason).

3) How long the client has been coming and what the current contract is.

4) The most relevant background briefly: age, gender, current living and working situations, and anything that is relevant to know in light of the goals of the consultation.

5) An overview of the therapeutic approach to date including what has and has not proved useful, including previous supervision and consultation on the same client.

6) Briefly outline the most relevant countertransference issues.

**Fees and supervision with Babette must be paid in $AUD via CMHE** 

Payment of Supervision fees for Peter and Patricia will be invoiced from the Centre for Mental Health Education.

Fees below include PayPal charges

  • Registration/Administration AUD$200 (one-time fee) 
  • Supervision. Fees for in-person supervision are $190AUD for 50 minutes or telehealth at $150AUD for 50 minutes
  • Reading/evaluating papers will be charged at the rate of US$10 per each page per draft, as outlined above (e.g. AUD$200 for 20 pages). It is up to the individual to cover all pertinent material in a concise manner.   
  • Certification No FEE once completed 

All fees must be paid in full before the certificate is issued.

For more information feel free to contact Peter King at

Brighton VIC              Gold Coast QLD
Ph: 03 9070 0872      Tel: 07 5619 8031


Peter is the instructor for the Asia Pacific Region of the 12-Day Intensive Training Course in Somatic Trauma Therapy and 9-Day Intensive Training in Stabilisation Based Therapy, the education component of certification.

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