• Training Level

    Implementation (Level 4)

  • CPD Hours

    100+ hours

  • Main Approach


  • Facilitator

    Peter King

    DBT Practitioner Training Program (Online)

    This portal provides access to materials information, handouts and videos explored during the Australian DBT Institute's Comprehensive DBT training program. All information is copyrighted to the various authors and is provided to support the development of participants (mental health professionals) and support individual applications, to your clients, of DBT and DBT informed programs. Participant presentations included within this program are to remain confidential!
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    Ongoing Access

    Participants of this course have ongoing access to all materials provided through this CMHE Academy portal.

    Further CPD

    The Australian DBT Institute website www.dbtworkshops.com lists a range of training options. Click here to join our Mail list


    A certificate of completion is available on CMHE Academy in the final section of this program.


    All materials are copyrighted. When using the materials provided please acknowledge the author!
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    — What's included in the DBT Comprehensive Training?

    Evidence informed professional development

    Our program provides the knowledge and skills needed to confidently apply a DBT Informed Approach!

    Experienced DBT Practitioners

    The DBT Comprehensive is delivered by leading DBT practitioners with current clinical experience.

    Coaching in DBT (Zoom Sessions)

    Zoom sessions help unlock your individualised so you can excel in your DBT or Adapted DBT approach.

    Credentialing in DBT

    Initial DBT Credentialing is available to participants who complete all elements of this CPD program and present their DBT or DBT Informed approach.

    2025 DBT Practitioner Online Training Dates!

    This program uses a range of resources and strategies to support mental health professionals implement a DBT or DBT informed approach in their workplace! We provide access to webinars, clinical resources, examples of how to teach skills, Zoom coaching sessions, peer ran sessions, supervision and DBT program outlines to support individuals and teams implement a DBT informed approach in their workplace! 

    Orientation Session
    19th October 2024 - 10am until 1pm Online via Zoom

    An initial three hour webinar online or full day training in person will introduce participants to the 12 month DBT Comprehensive Training Program through the Australian DBT Institute. This program has been developed for mental health professionals looking to implement a range of DBT strategies in their current practice as well as practitioners looking to start a full Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) program. This program aims to build knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively develop and implement a DBT program or effectively apply a DBT informed approach to clients with emotion dysregulation, trauma histories, and/or a diagnosis of borderline personality!

    Zoom Group Sessions: Pre-implementation 

    Initial Zoom sessions offer participants support implementing foundational content of DBT in preparation for program their implementation of a DBT or DBT informed approach from February 2025.
    • Thursday, November 14th 2024 @ 6pm
    • Thursday, December 12th 2024 @ 7pm
    • Thursday, January 23rd 2025 @ 6pm

    30 Minute Individual Supervision Sessions

    Program participants have access to an individual 30minute supervision session with an Australian DBT Institute clinician during the week commencing 3rd February 2025. 

    Zoom Group Sessions: DBT Implementation 

    Zoom sessions offer participants support implementing a DBT or DBT informed approach from February 2025.
    • Thursday, February 20th 2025 @ 7pm
    • Thursday, March 20th 2025 @ 6pm
    • Thursday, April 24th 2025 @ 7pm
    • Thursday, May 22nd 2025 @ 6pm
    • Thursday, June 19th 2025 @ 7pm

    30 Minute Individual Supervision Sessions

    Program participants have access to an individual 30minute supervision session with an Australian DBT Institute clinician during the week commencing 30th June 2025. 

    Zoom Group Sessions: DBT Implementation 

    Ongoing Zoom sessions offer participants support implementing a DBT or DBT informed approach.
    • Thursday, July 17th 2025 @ 7pm
    • Tuesday, August 14th 2025 @ 6pm
    • Thursday, September 18th 2025 @ 7pm

    Credentialing Sessions from 13th October 2025

    Through the Australian DBT Institute's credentialing service, all eligible clinicians completing the final presentations have access to credentialing pathway 1 as a Credentialed DBT Practitioner! Credentialing is the process of establishing the qualifications of licensed professionals, organisational members or organisations, and assessing their background and legitimacy. Many health care institutions and provider networks conduct their own credentialing, generally through a credentialing specialist or electronic service, with review by a credentialing committee. 

    Credentialing sessions will occur during the week commencing Monday 13th October 2025 with each participant to present their application of DBT through a service based presentation and/or a case presentation. Presentations take approximately 20 minutes and are recorded and review by an independent credentialing committee. 

    Credentialing has been developed against Australian Clinical Practice Guidelines and Australian Professional Registration Bodies. The Australian DBT Institute and our partner organisations do not claim to have any affiliation with Behavioral Tech LLC. nor DBT®-Linehan Board of Certification. 

    Self Directed Learning

    The beauty of our online course (also included in the in-person training option) is that individuals can access the content when ever they like! We release the foundations content on the 19th October 2024 and then further content is released on a weekly basis (Monday mornings) over the next two months of the program to prepare individuals to commence a more formal DBT informed approach from 2025! 

    Christmas New Year break until mid January 2025.

    From the 20th January 2025, content will be release on a weekly basis (Monday mornings) that covers a new DBT skill each week over 30 weeks! Participants can use the materials provided to implement their own DBT or DBT Informed approach. We recommend that individuals plan to have clients ready for a more formal DBT approach the week commencing 3rd February 2025. The Australian DBT Institute's DBT Assist groups commence the week commencing 3rd February 2025 for individuals who do not have the capacity to apply DBT in their clinical setting!

    Additional Fortnightly Zoom Sessions (Optional)

    Participants have the option of attending fortnightly Zoom sessions with their peers (Sessions are not attended by an ADBTI practitioner) to discuss the content of the DBT Comprehensive Training and formulate questions for the Zoom Groups Sessions (see the previous section).
    These sessions are for participants of this program only
    • Sessions are not attended by an ADBTI practitioner and have been made available for course participants
    • Sessions are not mandatory and have been made available for participants who prefer a group based learning environment (a little like a DBT consult team session)
    • We suggest participants discuss the content provided over the previous fortnight through this course
    • Please consider others and be respectful and non-judgmental
    DBT Comprehensive Training Program (2025 Online Program)

    Program Content

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    Dr. Peter L. King

    DBT-TI and Stabilisation Based Therapy Developer


    in Social Work

    MHP trained
    Dr. King is an experienced educator and clinician with over 25 years of experiences in various public, community and private mental health settings. Since 1993, he has worked in Mental Health Nursing, Social Work, DBT Programs, Psychotherapy, and as a Senior Executive in the health care and not-for-profit sector. Peter has consolidated this experience both in Australia and the USA through mentoring with Professor Marsha Linehan’s company Behavioral Tech LLC, mentoring with the Babette Rothschild the creator of Somatic Trauma Therapy, leading clinical research and completing his Ph.D. in the mental health field.